What company should I choose for my business?

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Would you like an honest opinion of what service best fits your business needs without the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors?

We Are Your Advocate for All Things Telecom. Save your time by letting us do the research & shopping for your telecom wishlist. We take great pride in finding the best solutions & negotiating the best possible pricing for whatever you need.

With over 50 plus providers, YourChoice Telecom can get you competitive quotes from multiple vendors for almost any commercial business telecom related service you can think of, and you’ll only have to deal with one contact. With over 20 years of experience in the telecom industry, we know the advantages & disadvantages of all the major carriers. Since we don’t work for the carriers directly, we can remain vendor neutral and give you unbiased recommendations of what best fits your needs.

So, whether you’re starting a new business, moving locations, remodeling, upgrading, or just want to make sure you have the best solutions possible for your company, call your trusted telecom advocate today to see how we can help you make your best choice with YourChoice Telecom! (850) 972-8880 or email 


What Happens When Your Business Internet Goes Down?

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If you do not have a viable backup solution, you could lose tons of time & money. For as little as $69.95 a month, get peace of mind knowing that if one circuit goes down, you will be able to carry on with business as usual with a 4G LTE circuit from Broad Sky Solutions. Call your trusted Telecom Consultant with Your Choice Telecom today to learn more about this great service!

Does your company need help to get set up to work from home?

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You’re probably hearing & seeing this question a lot right now from multiple vendors all promising the best service & how much they want to help you out with a free service trial during this COVID-19 crisis.

We’ve been helping companies choose these products for years and know the advantages & disadvantages of almost every vendor out there. By letting us negotiate on your behalf, we can also help isolate you from having to handle multiple sales calls from different reps all while securing the best rates possible for whatever services you need and it costs you absolutely nothing to use our services.

Contact us today for your free no-obligation telecom analysis review and see how a Telecom Broker & Consultant can help your business! 850-972-8880 or


Does your company supply cell phones for your employees?

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Do certain cellular carriers have better coverage in one or more of your locations? Do you have multiple bills for different providers? Can you track where your people or company vehicles are, clock them in & out for work, and provide many other features & benefits? Do your phones have any kind of device management to keep your data safe from the outside world in case you lose it, or have it stolen or have an employee quit and not bring back your device? Do you allow employees to bring their own device for work or do you furnish them with one? Can you erase a phone remotely in minutes if you needed to? If you don’t know the answers to all these questions, you should. Call YourChoice Telecom for a free cellular consultation today and we’ll help you figure it out and show you what kind of options are available now. 850-972-8880.