Failover as a Service Tech

SD-WAN from OmniNet

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SD-WAN from OmniNet has excellent pricing that is set regardless of circuit speeds, which generally provides a more affordable option than most SD-WAN providers. Set up backup, failover, or load balancing between circuits so you never go down on your internet or hosted VoIP phones. With optimized internet connectivity & traffic prioritization, say goodbye to poor quality audio & video calls, and slow connections to your cloud-based applications. Service also includes a SASE cloud-based firewall and a $100,000 Cyber Breach Guarantee! This is an incredible value & the service is fantastic! Contact us today at (850) 972-8880 or for more information!

What Happens When Your Business Internet Goes Down?

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If you do not have a viable backup solution, you could lose tons of time & money. For as little as $69.95 a month, get peace of mind knowing that if one circuit goes down, you will be able to carry on with business as usual with a 4G LTE circuit from Broad Sky Solutions. Call your trusted Telecom Consultant with Your Choice Telecom today to learn more about this great service!