Does your company use & pay for GoToMeeting?

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What if I told you that you could have it for free? If you have an older traditional phone system, then you may want to consider a hosted voice phone system with Jive Communications by LogMeIn for your business. Every user with Jive includes a free GoToMeeting or GoToConnect license along with every calling feature available with unlimited outbound domestic U.S. long distance. This also provides each user their own phone line so everyone can always have a line when they need to be on the phone with your customers. Did I mention it also comes with an app that can be used on your smart phone, tablet, or computer so you can answer your calls while maintaining your business presence from any device, anytime? Rates are very reasonable and you might be surprised at how affordable a solution like this costs. It might even save you money while improving your business with the latest technology. Call us today at 850-972-8880 to get your customized proposal for your business or email